and so begins the dance

The announcement went out to the chosen few that will be invited to the all guys weekend up at the lake. I probably forgot a couple of key invitees but this being put together at the last minute and being run by me I would expect them to understand or put a little salve on their butt hurt and get over it. There are parties and gatherings happening all over this neighborhood that never even consider including me and or my family and that is exactly how it is supposed to be. If you are my future children reading this it should sound familiar.

As I have told you “everyone cant be invited everywhere so just assume they are all at a party without you when you are doing something else because this is a part of the world and how it works.” It does no good to get bent out of shape over a lack of invitation to a party that you would have probably complained about going to anyway. But remember, if you are invited somewhere show up on time and add to the fun. Be one of the people that others want to be around.

OK back to generic writing about nothing in particular. The dance between my friends and their families has begun and three days in to the invitation and planning I have confirmed travel plans from four of the invited guests. Four more are rock solid coming but need to work out their schedules. All good and even if its just a couple of us a good time will be had by all. Now I think Liza, the boy, and I are heading up to get some things done. Should be a busy week even though I have committed to a whopping four hours of actual work. Semi-unemployment is kind of awesome.

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