I heart tangents

As you know if you read this crap semi regularly I am on a quest to boil my life down to a duffle bag. This will not be to hard one the wheels come completely off and I alienate myself from everyone that I know and care about but for now I’m slightly obsessed with simplifying my life. This has lead me to envy the tiny house movement and this dude that lives in a hundred square feet. I think I might have slightly larger basic requirements due to the greater amount of air that I displace but I’m not going to argue just envy.

after reading for a couple of days I am now thinking that building a tiny house on wheels is an enormous waste of time when there are plenty of beautiful old Airstreams out there just looking for a little love. Every once in a while I catch myself on Craigslist or EBay trolling for a used Globetrotter from around the year of my birth to take on as a restoration project / getaway in my own backyard. I don’t know why but I am drawn to these rolling baked potatoes like an enormous moth to a bonfire. But then an even better arrangement hit me.

I now want to revive the old Sherlock Holmes lifestyle. He basically rented a room. Perfect. Included with his room were meals when he wanted them, some mild maid services, and someone to get packages when he wasn’t around. I know he was a fictional character you assholes but it was based on fact and I need to bring that back. I am putting this brilliant idea out there free of charge but with the hope that you will keep me in mind once things get up and running. In fact if you get it zoned right this could be rented as Home Office spaces with full time live in concierge services.

Screw you tiny house guy I’ll be renting a room with a full sized bathroom down the hall or I’ll be outside in my Airstream stealing power and living the dream.

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