communications breakdown

I was up in Michigan yesterday because that’s what folks do when they are officially between jobs, they vacation. This was a working trip though, the maintenance on the old cabin has gone almost non existent over the last few years as my father-in-law lost interest. So my day was spent cleaning, fixing what I could and lining up professionals to bid out the rest of the work. The rest of this week and next will be filled with a plethora of bids and scheduling as I build toward guys weekend.

One of the things I had to do was straighten out the cable situation and as I was signing up technically new I am rolling the Triple Play. It gets installed next Tuesday so that means that the internet will be hot by the time my friends get there. There is also the case of the missing boat which I am currently working on as well and hopefully they can find it. If not I will just take something fast in exchange..

Over the weekend I am going to find the cheapest place to buy beach towels as well and stock up because we are tragically low on those as well. And I have a list of things to do at the third house as well. This little juggling act is giving me sore nuts. I am officially boring myself with my whining but what’s NOT boring is a potential Amateur Outdoor Cage Fighting exhibition scheduled for guys weekend. I don’t care what it costs and believe me it cant be much but I want to go. Working on that right now as well. Tough shit if this didn’t make much sense I’m cramming it in last minute.

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