The girls were attending Catholic Heart Work Camp over the past week. Katie has gone four years in a row and I was surprised that Maggie wanted to go. It was weird when I picked them up they seemed to be getting along much better than the normal constant bicker. Having a great night with everyone back in the house and the only one who wasn’t completely happy was the boy as he was just getting used to the only child feeling. Anyway, all was well until Katie decided to completely freak us out.

I don’t pretend to know everything that goes on with these trips other than what I have read on their website and heard from the girls. I know they work hard during the day helping people who really need it. Katie even got to clear one room in a real live hoarders house. I am truly jealous. Anyway, one night Katie and a few of her friends were sitting in the chapel silently praying. Kate said she was crying because she missed her grandpa.

A girl that she didn’t know came into their pew and she assumed that it was a new friend of one of her friends. They don’t work with people they know during the day and the older kids are usually spread out and paired with younger ones to make sure the work gets done. So this girl comes up and Katie is still crying so she hugs her. Katie said that it was a little weird because she didn’t know this girl but she thought it was nice that one of her friends new friends cared enough to give a crying stranger a hug.

After what Kate described as a really long time the girl broke the hug and looked her in the eyes. She said “He misses you.” and walked away. Katie asked her friends who she was and they didn’t know. They thought it was a new friend of hers. Four people at the camp knew that her grandpa died this year but she hadn’t spoken about it at all during the trip. They had no idea who the girl was and none of them could find her after that. She didn’t say anything about it until the last night when their group all sat in a circle and were talking about the week.

After she told the story she said she felt weird because it was dead silent. No one ever found this girl and even though Katie is no detective I’d be willing to bet that Maggie put the press on once she heard the story. Everyone else is asleep and I am up and more than a little freaked out at the moment.

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