I was done a solid by my Mother-in-Law just before she died early in our marriage when she told my wife that men need time with their friends. Truer words are rarely spoken. I think that men are a different animal and when separated for too long from exclusively male company a small part of them withers away. I have nothing to back this up because I am too lazy to conduct research on something I know to be true but I’m sure it has something with the way we were made. Not to say that time with the ladies is bad, exactly opposite, its just sometimes we need a break from feelings and all of that pesky thinking.

This topic comes up as the guys weekend quickly approaches. I have a bunch of crap to get done up there before the following weekend when the girls will have friends swarming the place. So Liza thought it would be a good idea for me to have some company and I couldn’t agree more. I have heard through a number of channels that this gathering doesn’t sit well with a bunch of the wives and I for one am baffled.

If we lived somewhere else it might be considered normal for week long hunting or fishing trips with our buddies. Most of my friends don’t really do that stuff so this is a harmless two and a half day alternative. I think that they think there is another agenda at work but I am not smart enough for that. I was going to scare the shit out of everyone on Saturday night by bringing out a fake presentation board and thanking them for coming because I wanted to discuss an exciting business opportunity…

But that’s too much work even for a good joke so I’ll let it pass. I also like that some of the wives have expressed concern over the sleeping arrangements and as the host I wish I cared more. Towels have also come up as a concern again, we are adults and I would hope we could figure out how to get by if towels run thin. My lovely wife has even expressed concern about snacks and other food but when I stopped laughing she understood that it shouldn’t be a problem either.

I am just looking forward to a weekend of ball busting, too much beer, food that’s bad for me, and stories to carry me over until the next time. Is that too much to ask?

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