The word on the street

This is what people say when they heard gossip or an opinion from a specific person but don’t want to rat out the individual by name. The word on the street also lends some weird kind of credibility to the gossip as if everyone outside walking were talking about this specific subject. Today’s word on the street is that some of the wives in the neighborhood are not happy about the upcoming trip to the lake. Again a credibility boost implied by suggesting that anti guys weekend meetings have taken place. Bullshit.

If someone has a problem they should bring it up with their specific spouse not put the word out. I could care less how many people show up at this thing and if someone’s wife is going to get all cranked up about it I would rather they stay home anyway. I have stuff that needs doing up there and I’m doing that no matter what. The weird thing is that I thought I asked a group of guys with cool wives. I specifically targeted my friends that seem to have reasonable women in their lives. I’m puzzled by this one because no one will really say who doesn’t like this gathering of husbands or what the specific problem is.

I am writing this as I officially put this one on a shelf. I have one woman to worry about and she is good to go. If some of my friends are getting in trouble for joining me this weekend I would hope that they have the good sense to stay home. Other than that I am stumped. As I have said before using the words of the poet Jay-Z “If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a bitch aint one.”

With any luck this crap will be broadcast from the lake tomorrow as I am headed up to get the internet installed.

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