a weak week

In a rare Thursday afternoon Monday morning quarterback situation I happened to notice that this has been a terrible week for posts. I would apologize if I really gave a shit but alas, that is not the case.

While getting ready to add some music for this weekends trip I decided to do some light straightening on my iPhone as well. The recorder had some very interesting notes on it so I will use this space today to get some of those thoughts on electronic paper. So here they are transcribed just as they were recorded:

Stupid or a genus? Company names on the front of work trucks are printed backwards so they can be read in rearview mirror but this idiot has it backwards on the back of his truck. Is he looking to catch the potential customer that was third at a four way stop who happened to be looking at the mirror truck crossing while they wait to go? Although the fact that I am recording this might point toward genus.

driving and texting is retarded, someone needs to invent something that will read the texts out loud and then let you talk out loud and it will type back, oh wait, its already out there you drifting out of your lane idiots just use the fucking phone!

Fat roadside beggars should get skinny partners because I’m not buying it. With that humanitarian attitude Jesus will come back as an enormous underpass bum and I will be stopped long enough to voice my suspicions and earn another punch in my go directly to Hell card.

Road construction doesn’t seem to be very well thought out because I have been driving for thirteen miles during the middle of the day and have yet to see any movement. Maybe they should lie to me with those portable roadside signs instead of threatening me with how much more its going to cost me if I kill a construction worker IN a construction zone. Just a little something to pacify me like please bear with us as some invisible toxic shit is drying behind the barricades right now and that’s why none of us are around.

That’s all I’m in the mood to transcribe right now. secretarytom out.

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