turn out the lights

The party’s over as I head back to work tomorrow after a spotty two week hiatus. I am still completely overwhelmed by the mountain of stuff that has to get done at all three of our current homes. I got quite a bit done but we have had to slow way down as the money well has done gone dry. Four big projects are in play and I need to get back to work to pay for it all. The worst part I think is that folks who actually buy their own vacation homes can probably afford the boats and toys that we can only dream about at this point. Weird.

Even with the college Sword of Damocles hanging over my head I find myself obsessing about things I cant afford. The thing that is stuck right in front of my skull is this inflatable couch looking thing that you pull behind a boat. I don’t know why but I want one. Strange how the mind works because we don’t have a boat that could pull the thing at speed but its the couch I want. My mind is wandering all over the road like a drunk out looking for a cheeseburger. For illustration purposes this is one of the models I’m talking about:


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