pee eye double ess E D

I am madder than a wet hen and I have no idea why moist fowl is so angry but I am right there with it. When one of your kids is hurting and you cant fix it a normal person gets upset and frustrated. I on the other hand begin planning the ruination of someone’s existence. I should explain. My eldest daughter was cut from the volleyball team today. The ONLY cut. And this wouldn’t normally bother me because I am not one of those parents that thinks their child is the best and should be playing more blah blah blah. I am angry with the horrible bitch bag coach that let her waste the summer between her Junior and Senior years working to make a team that she had no intention of including her on.

And after calming my hysterical daughter down this afternoon on the phone as she stood crying in the hall of my Alma mater she informed me that said same coach wanted to talk to her on Monday about being the manager. Luckily my response about them being alone together and punching her square in the face made her laugh because she thought I was kidding. Nope, spitting a tooth is just about what would make me feel better at this point. Then I took it too far when I talked about injured players and Special Edwardians.

You see that child wants to teach Special Ed and my anger was not well received even though it was meant in the most protective hate fueled revenge type way possible. So here I sit contemplating the type of ice cold revenge that might someday earn me supervillian status. FUCK I am ANGRY.

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