still angry but life is dampening

My child has made peace where I cannot and that is probably how things should be. I am just back from training outside of Detroit Rock City. I was stuck in a car on the way to the training with three new coworkers and I allowed the nonsense levels to build near toxic levels before I jumped in. I finally broke when they were talking about their own version of numerology craziness. It would seem that one of the ladies can only have odd numbers in her life. After about fifteen minutes of trapped in the car odd number talk I began arguing that with a little manipulation of her own methods all of her digits could also be even.

It was all good banter back and forth until I asked her to put the cuckoo back in the clock for a second and listen. Things went down hill on a rocket sled from that point on. It ended with me drawing magical symbols in the air to protect me from her stupidity. I might have been chanting something about her being an intelligence vampire as well but one you take things way too far it all becomes a blur.

I did end up apologizing and blaming my outburst on cramped up chi from the backseat car ride. I started to go too far again as I promised to build a pyramid hat out of straws for the ride home but pulled up before it got too bad. I think I’m getting too old and cranky for all of this new job training.

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