a bit of a bullshitologist

I consider myself a connoisseur of bullshit and I reaffirmed my own status as an Olympic level liar. Today’s training had me riding around with and industry veteran which would normally be a great thing except I was trapped in his car all day and he is an unabashed chain smoker. And I do mean chain smoker as he lit a new one with the cherry from the not quite finished making the true links of a rock solid chain and expertly defining the behavior.

I tried to keep the in car conversation to a minimum because that would just aim the smoke fueled speech directly at me but he managed to tell me about his most recent doctor interaction. His sawbones as he called him mentioned that if he quit smoking he would live longer to which he replied “do you mean I’ll survive a plane crash or be bullet proof?” I do like the dude but eight hours of gasping for oxygen left me feeling a little off.

Aside from the yellow fingers, teeth, and expertly groomed moustache, his watch face was clouded over. Awesome. The windows of his car were tinted with tar and at one point I suggested that he might have a super power. He should really consider volunteer fire fighting or maybe just rescue work. The ability to breathe constant smoke has its place I just don’t know exactly where that is.

It goes without saying that my work clothes were sentenced to a direct to the laundry room shed directly in the laundry room. It kind of took me back to the days when people could just smoke in bars. good times.

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