are you a Mormon?

Nope, why do you ask?

Because we have been swearing all day and you haven’t said a bad word.

Would being a Mormon or devout anything prevent me from getting this job done?

Not necessarily but you need to be able to talk at these guys level and that is fucking swearing sometimes.

Did you notice the women in the office that were trying to talk to people on the phone while you were cursing?

He (we are talking about the owner of the shop right now) was talking shit too and didn’t say a fucking thing.

He owns the place and can speak any way he wants too in his own place. You might want to be a little more respectful and professional when you are on a sales call but whatever works for you by all means keep it up. (an hour earlier he was crying to me about how bad his numbers are and how his territory sucks…shit)

What the fuck do you know you are too big a pussy to swear around customers. You need to toughen the fuck up or you’ll never last in this business.

In a strange moment of Qui Chang Cain calmness I swallowed the Whitman’s Sampler of swear and walked away. I sometimes wish that is the way I could always walk the earth.

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