goodbye old friend

Liza and I cam to an agreement earlier in the year and we made some short term changes as a family that allowed us to become financially healthy once again. The trade off for that major behavioral change was the departure of my beloved carport. I have been putting it off for the last three weeks but the weather was nice this morning and I am no welcher so off I went.


Prep work is key to minimizing friendly fire casualties.


Everything needs to be completely removed from the blast zone.


Sometimes once you begin to tear something down it dictates how it wants to be dismantled.


That thing was deceptively heavy as my back can tell you right now.


Once I removed thirty years worth of wet decomposing birds nests everything seemed a couple hundred pounds lighter.


All gone and now we just need to find someone to rebuild the soffit and put up some siding. I don’t like it. It doesn’t look right and I feel like I lost a friend.


I’d like to think that the scrapper guys will take it and somehow some of it will make its way back to me. Don’t burst my happy bubble this was tougher than I thought.

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