too much thinkin time during training today

I spent half the day designing an outdoor office. The obvious first choice would be a used AirStream trailer parked in the backyard. Obvious to me and me alone. Maybe Liza has a visual aluminum allergy but since I took down the carport she wants to “improve” the back yard. Poppycock. The AirStream would be a major improvement to any suburban landscape and the proof should be in that ridiculous word I just typed before this sentence.

Tell me you wouldn’t want this behemoth squatting majestically in your backyard. No? OK it might be an acquired taste but that right there is my dream self contained office space complete with new heat pump on top.

The next obvious move would be to construct my own beloved yurt. There are lots of places where you can order kits online but again I don’t think this conforms to Liza’s aesthetic sense.


doesn’t look tough enough for me but I would argue that the Mongolians were a relative bad ass race of people until the whole Mongoloid thing took a turn.


Thanks, How Stuff Works I love your site.

Me thinks that my neighbors and the village might have a bit of a problem with the whole yurt thing as well so I decided to go undercover. My new scheme involves converting the shed.

Lifehacker really has me thinking along these lines and now I find out that companied like Tough Shed sell kits. Hmmmmmm.

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