i need to take a class

OK I need to take more than one class but today’s discovered learning would be a course on Suffering Fools. I am bad at that. If I am ever going to attain some level of peace I really need to step up my ignore and doesn’t matter game or games I don’t know because I am obviously still rattled. Let me tell this story and get back to my homework.

In an attempt to make friends at my new company I ate lunch with a couple of the fellas that I have come to know. I don’t say too much as I am the new guy and really no ones boss but my own so it is a bit of a switch from what I have been doing for the last fifteen years or so. The mouth peace of this little click would not shut up about his marital problems. Repeating I am not really friends with these guys so I sit and say nothing.

Then talk turned to his lack of sex life. Normally this would entertain me because I like it when people reveal way too much about their lives but this one just annoyed me. To the point where after about ten minutes I’d had all I could stands… The following is the rant that I went on assuring that these dudes will not be asking me out for a beer any time soon.

“Would YOU have sex with YOU? Seriously, what are you doing to change the situation other than bitching about it at work? I’d bet if your wife knew this would get you laid for sure.”

He got a little shitty but the ass was out of the hole so I cut him off.

“Maybe you could run down to the bank and bitch about your money situation as well in the hopes that they will just give you some money?”

“Try to change your behavior to get different results you moron. Work on yourself, do something around the house, treat your wife better than talking shit behind her back. You need to take a long look at the creep in the mirror next time you’re wondering why you aren’t having sex.”

I am a work in progress.

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