still getting used to things

This new gig is taking some time… Not in a bad way just different. These folks move at a different speed and I just need to keep downshifting until I find the correct gear. The more I try to push and change the edgier everyone gets. I think my former work life has some of the bosses nervous about their own jobs so I need to slow down and blend in to get along. I’m just not used to this.

My coworkers are checking in with me every day as if they were on a schedule. If another one calls tomorrow with a “quick question” I will know that something is up. Weird because I just want to do my job and go home to my family. I cant really tell them that I took an easy gig on purpose because that would just be insulting. I’ve got about five more years until Max starts to go off toward his own life. That is not to say that there is some kind of hatred clock ticking or that he is getting kicked out of the house anytime soon but once he and his friends begin to drive hanging out with Dad becomes less attractive.

Its also Katie’s last year at home (full time) and Maggie is starting High School this year so things are busy but I am still needed to get things done around here. Not to mention the whole three houses pain in my ball bag. My current gig is a welcome respite from the craziness all around me I just need to get comfortable. My last couple of jobs have been pressure cookers so I almost spend my days waiting for the other shoe to drop. If I didn’t know better I would think I was looking for trouble where none exists. I am one weird mutha but I’m working on that.

Well, not the weird cause I like me, but the seeking problems from calm thin air has got to stop. This circles back to my quest for peace. I am one thematic Mo-Fo.

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