I like the rain

I don’t think I could take the water-boarding that you get in some parts of the country but I do likes me some rainy days. I think I just like change which would mean that I like whatever weather isn’t currently punching me in the face. I cant wait for fall and even miss the snow right now. Talk to me in a couple months and I’ll be pining for Spring and Summer. (the seasons not the awesome strippers named after said same) (Wait, I need to break out of the parenthetical thought bubble because that one exposed a path that I want to follow)

Sorry about that… When I worked at a gentlemen’s club in college sometimes I would have to work one of the bad shifts. A bad shift is defined by the number of patrons in the building which is directly correlated to the number and quality of the employees. So, on a Sunday afternoon with one creepy regular in attendance there is a lot of time to do nothing. I guess I could have cleaned and restocked the bar but this was a strip club in Ames Iowa and no one was walking in there looking for clean.

These slow shifts gave me time to do one of my favorite things and that was talking to my coworkers. One of the best topics was always their stage names. Seasons, Cities, States, Liquor, rarely a creative one in the bunch. I found myself trying to get them to change things up a bit and maybe move up the dancing without any clothes ladder. But no one ever listened. I will leave you with the favorite suggested names that I can remember from twenty plus years ago. If you are a nekkid entertainer please feel free to use these and please drop me a note as I will immediately become a fan.

My best suggested 1980’s stripper names were as follows:

Matchbox (she was a redhead. sorry, I was young)

Lightning (she was almost there with her then current topiary work)

Man Trap (just made myself laugh again recalling that one)

Twinkie (again, sorry I was young and stupid-er)

and Finally, Fred (this girl was so hot I knew that she alone could pull this off)

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