I love me a holiday weekend

Even if the boy has a football game right in the middle of it. OK that bugs the living shite out of me as I cant stop talking about it but enough about that. I think I’ll have to find someone to have a beer or two with Sunday afternoon slash evening or else what’s the point to not working on Monday I ask you. That slash made me think of my two days trapped in a car with the Brit. Instead of saying slash he kept using “stroke”. I want to train myself to use that because it sounds cool and my inner thirteen year old would love every opportunity to say stroke in everyday conversation. So I’ll need some drinking partners Sunday afternoon STROKE evening. I am internationally stupid.

Sitting up here at the lake and all is quiet. Everyone else is asleep and its so windy that the water is empty as well. This is one of the ways I like the lake the most. Its weird but late fall after all of the boats are put away its nice and quiet with nothing to do. I need to go and meet the painter that just stained this monster. She did a great job but now she wants to get paid. That’s some bullshit stroke nerve.

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