a good long weekend

I am tired, sun charred, and ready for the short week ahead. I wish I had something pithy to tell you right now but I am fresh out of pith. I had a bunch of things I wanted to write about after I took some pictures but the weekend got away from me. I’ll try to get them done this week. I need to show you the tree of Damocles that threatens to take out the back corner of my house. Weird but that just happens to be the place where we store everything of value and our flammables in the crawlspace but I’m not worried as I have an impenetrable wall of Buckthorn.

The other thing is that my shed is under attack by angry birds. I know they are pissed because they are attempting to bring it down by pecking holes in it. Its time for me to start getting the airsoft gun out and send a couple of messages. The neighbor next-door on the other side is fond of tossing sticks from his tree into my yard which has me plotting revenge of inappropriate proportions. Stay tuned.

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