Looking at my phone I have discovered the problem with the lack of posts on Friday and that would be that they all saved as one big draft. I will post them now under the time of the original date stamp. Sorry about the lack of everything in this post.

this game would be more fun if we actually had to play a hole with the die (crap, is that the singular of dice? not asking these assholes…)

My liquid hat has all run down into my eyes and I have sweat it all away. How can they say Sun Protection Factor of 45 which I think is supposed to mean 45 hours and I have defeated it in an hour. This is some bullshit.

I have funny friends. assholes but funny assholes. Larry is apparently counting my intake and made a joke about my 5 beers. Note to self: Never put Larry in charge of counting.

“The TUrn” KILLS me. We Load up on beer for the next leg of this torture and I just want to go sit in the shade and make fun of people as they walk by. Is that wrong?

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