I am not using my weekends correctly

I am dog ass tired this morning and that’s not the way its supposed to be. I need to rethink the way I go about my weekends. Friday was the neighborhood golf outing and I thought I posted some crap from the cart but didn’t see until last night that it didn’t work. At some point I’ll screw around with my phone and try to shake the posts loose. I’m sure they are gems as I was completely sun baked and on the brink of being over served. Also, if they make no sense I kind of remember posting things that I wondered if anyone not at the event would understand but oh well.

Move in to football Saturday and the realization that I should not be a coach. I just don’t have it in me. Not the coaching kids part its the dealing with other adults. Other team, my team, parents, I cant stand adults at pee-wee football games. For some reason they cant help themselves and they just take this nonsense way too seriously. Nothing specific this week just an overwhelming feeling that I need to recues myself from the whole big pile of nonsense before I come unglued.

Then we had to get ready for Katie’s cigarette and tattoo birthday party at the house Sunday. For some reason we pre-clean the house possible to make the damage done by the roaming herds of kids look better when its over. No matter the reason getting ready for a party is nut pain. Then we had the gathering and in spite of some minor boyfriend drama things went well.

OOPS, Friday Golf was followed by an earsplitting back to school event across the street. I was getting the chills from the sunburn and my headache grew by the second but afterward we had an impromptu gathering at a friends house. Those are the best kind of parties. Just a bunch of people looking to spend some time talking as a group. There was even some talk of stupidtom dot com which was weird for a second and then I just went with it.

I didn’t fall for the trap of my friends threatening to write on their own. I’ve been down that disappointing road before even starting a group one of these that had a whopping five posts on it after a year. I would love nothing more than to have some of my real live friends write one of these but I know what a pain the thought of it can be so I’m not going to hold my breath.

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