office conundrum

This working from home part of the time has me in a bit of a pickle. Its not bad because everyone is gone during the day but the zoo keeps interfering with me at the most inopportune times. Barking on a conference call or a cat jumping up on a computer during one of those ridiculous webinars gets old fast. I need a small space with an electrical outlet, a land line phone or full bars on my cell, and some connection to the internet, but most importantly a door that shuts.

My friend George is in the same boat and he has gone so far as to construct a makeshift desk in his garage. I am seriously considering that route but I need to heat the thing quickly and I don’t see that happening. My idea of building a retreat out of the shed would work but there is no time or money right now. We could both drive down to our “other” house but avoiding a commute is part of the push toward a home office. As I try to eek out some sequestered space in this tiny money pit an idea struck me.

I know a lot of folks with their own businesses and just maybe one of them would have a couple small rooms that aren’t currently being used that they wouldn’t mind getting a ridiculously small amount of cash for every month. OK there was no reason that thought had to be put into one giant run-on sentence, sorry. But we are currently looking for a couple of janitors closets to convert ala the Michael Scott Paper Company. Either that or I might have a partner in my vintage AirStream.

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