3d fu

I hate 3d TV. I have read a bunch of articles touting 3d as the savior of the home theater industry and I am officially calling bullshit. I don’t know anyone who wants to spend ten more minutes looking for the “glasses” after you’ve already spent ten looking for the clicker. And then when you find them will they still be in one working piece? Not in my house. Then the higher end one are expensive and have their own power.. more things to lose and break. Why don’t you work on making my high definition better.

The freaking Uverse is pissing me off lately and I just switched. Luckily I will have a special price that saves me $130.00 a month for the next year so they kind of have me in velvet handcuffs until that expires. But those commercials with the bundle of phone wire speaking in an altacocker voice aren’t far off the mark. I supposedly have the best package yet multiple recordings or even one in HD can bring things to a grinding halt. Tonight I had to cancel a recording so I could watch in the bedroom. Nothing tops off a long day like cable trouble. I am one cranky beyatch.

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