werkin on it

ManOManischewitz I am having some troubles getting anything done around here with this whole working from home deal. I have already documented this fact so I’m not going to rehash (much) but for those who work out of your house I salute you. Only if you have kids and a bunch of other annoyances crammed into a smaller than average house. Other than that I rescind my salute. Anyway, back to the front… I keep having these great ideas only to knock them out of the running after a little research.

I called on one of those National shared office suite things that offer you a bunch of amenities and the appearance of a big office for a little money. Well their definition of little and my own are quite different and they don’t offer ala cart services. When I said I just wanted an office with a door that included heating, cooling, and lights with a potential to set up phone service they looked at me as if my crazy was showing. I guess if you are some kind of professional who will be billing for you time that would make sense. I’m just looking for a door to close that’s not in my home.

The shed thing got nixed after pricing the whole thing out and realizing that a permit would be denied and I live too close to the friendly neighbor edge to risk NOT being tattled upon. The garage remodel holds the same basic problem plus the fact that its sinking back into the earth. So I would constantly be thinking that I was a villain from the original Batman series with my crooked lair.

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