holyshite this health insurance thing

If you haven’t had to deal with this whole health insurance mess consider yourself among the lucky few. I am currently in the midst of COBRA hell and since the job switch was my own doing the government is cool with my old company cramming the total cost plus some miscellaneous fees and charges right up my ass and then breaking it off so I have to work at having the irritation removed. I know, my fault, job switching idiot. But seriously, should going to see a doctor be such an ass pain?

The other thing I find weird is that most medical folks don’t even have a you just walked in off the street and just want to pay cash option. I know a couple medical professionals and in fact I used to be in the industry and you wouldn’t believe what they have to go through to get paid. I am wondering why there isn’t a you pay me right now and I’ll give you a deep discount for allowing me to avoid the man menu board. I have no trouble paying a fair price for services rendered but right now its no insurance tickie no medical treatment washie.

So I pay close to double for the same coverage and there is trouble getting anything done. The insurance shows up as inactive but the COBRA-HOLES keep telling me that everything is fine. Liza is ready to kill me and I am asking her to hold her attempt until the regular insurance kicks in just in case she tires out before I am actually dead.

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