I am looking for a windsock

The lady next door cant afford to take down the tree of death partially because ComEd has her convinced that they will need to turn the power off and remove the lines for two days on her dime while it gets done. They have gone so far as to threaten her by insinuating that if she does it without paying for that step she will be financially responsible for all costs related to any repairs. SO the tree removal is being quoted to her at $9,000.00.

This pisses me off to no end because they would rather spend the time and money to keep repairing the lines as this behemoth slowly breaks apart branch by massive branch. I have a couple calls into my beloved electric utility but I know my name is on some sort of internal watch list after our troubles a couple years ago. I’m not sure if I told that story here or in the original lost stupidtom files so I’ll quickly sum up: We first moved into this neighborhood on another street setting up our first real home. At that time both of us paid the bills whenever we had money one or the other would write the checks. Three years or so after we moved in we received a bill from ComEd for something like six grand. I called and flipped out about their mistake, they said we had never paid for electricity, I looked through three years worth of canceled checks and they were correct.

Our bill paying system made constantly missing a particular bill not out of the realm of possibility so it went unnoticed. A month long fight ended with the supervisors supervisor agreeing that they should have cut off our service after two months of non payment so I generously agreed to double that for all of the lost kilowatts. And that’s what has me on the list.

If the tree isn’t coming down I might have to cultivate some more protective buckthorn just around Maggie’s room. I don’t think it can fall that far but a wall of impenetrable thorns wouldn’t be the worst thing outside of that child’s room. I am also in the market for an airport windsock. I know all is well today and tonight because the wind is blowing away from us so the gusts will ruin someone else’s day but I would like a more reliable visual aid. Plus, nothing will make Liza happier than one of these beauties on a pole…


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