sweet and sour

As we quickly approach one of my favorite nights of the year there was some disturbing life is short related news over the weekend. Yesterday a guy that graduated a couple of years ahead of me in High School died instantly of a massive heart attack while painting his daughters bedroom. Forty seven years old and since we are in the middle of a similar project plus his close proximity to my own age has me feeling my mortality. Don’t get me wrong I am not predicting my death but I have had a great life but I will definitely be reminding everyone around me that I love them.

I also want to lay some ground work for when I do finally check out. First, no feeling sorry. Life is short, we all die, and I have had a great life filled with few regrets and great people. Even the bad things in my life turned out to be good once they were in the rearview mirror for a while. I’ll stop writing my own eulogy now because we are very close to the time when my eldest child will be away at school and officially told about stupidtom. She is the most sensitive to my jokes about my own passing so I cant imagine this making her very happy. (sorry future Kate)

But the one thing I wanted to get across was that I want all sentences to begin with “Remember the time…” Tell everyone you see that wants to talk about my death something stupid I did in life. Or some way that I hopefully cracked you up or made you feel better. I’ve got more on this but maybe I’d better take this roll off-line and start an instructions after I die file. The kids already know that if at all possible I am to be posed next to the casket, claws up like an attacking bear.

Anyway, back to the upcoming event. This Friday night is another All Ages Informal Reunion after the homecoming game and it is a freak show without peer. Last year there was a dude wearing some of his painters pants from the era we went to school and it looked like he was wearing a cod piece under the skin tightness of the pants. Guys cramming themselves into their jerseys and the broken marriage people on the prowl. Personally I just like sitting in the corner making up life stories for people I recognize through the haze of time.

I’ll write more on my preplanning for this event later in the week. I am over my self imposed writing time limit.

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