rhythm method

I am much happier with the email only commenting option that I thought I would be when I put up the spam block. For those not in the know you can always send me email to stupidtom at gmail dot com and please let me know what is on your mind. I received an email complaining about my lack of regular post times and the person who apparently has been a long time reader liked it better when I wrote at the ass crack of dawn every week day. Guilty as charged but funny. I had no idea that anyone was reading on a set schedule.

Turns out I was wrong and I kind of apologize. By kind of I mean I don’t really give a shit but also like it better when I’m on some kind of regular schedule. It appeals to my sense of order and accomplishment. I will try to get better with it once I develop some kind of rhythm with this new gig. I am having trouble getting the whole work at home thing under control but have a couple office options in the works. Once I get on a schedule I’ll get back on a schedule.

And speaking of work discomfort (ok poor segue but I’m too tired for a proper transition) I have to play golf tomorrow afternoon. Before you start with your poor baby thoughts you should remember that I do not golf. I haven’t golfed in more than two years. I scramble. I have scramble clubs, scramble shoes, you get the picture so tomorrow is truly a pain in my nuts. Plus its on supposedly one of the best GOLF courses in Illinois and I am on the hook to pay because my boss has just pulled up sick. This is gonna suck but should be entertaining for y’all.

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