Wonder What?

I had to take a personality test today but it was more like a combination intelligence test type thing. The Wonderlic test was a definite pisser. I just hope that my mild retardation wasn’t flaring up while I was taking it because I think I did a fair job of keeping the voices from messing me up. They say that most serial killers are extremely intelligent so I am shooting for a solid C+.

My favorite part of the test aside from the clock counting down in the upper right corner was the math word problems. I think I just screwed my tenses or something like that up in the last sentence because I heard an audible clunk when I hit the period but my brain is fried from all of this pesky thinking and I’m in no mood for grammar at the moment. Word problems, trains traveling in opposite directions, seriously? I didn’t do well on those back in high school when my cheating game was at its peak. This was a nightmare.

Hopefully when I sit down at the meeting next week that I’m not prepared to write about yet the person across from me doesn’t open the manila folder and start chuckling. Or go wide eyed and excuse themselves. I need to flush all this from my head so it doesn’t ruin the all ages reunion that I get to experience this evening. Part freak show, part dating game, part lie contest, ALL FUN.

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