how can I complicate…

No arms tired from flying back type jokes I am just dead ass worn out. Work was a muthafukka followed by football which has turned into one hot mess. I spent the time there squashing a mutiny because I know that once they throw out the bipolar coach I will get volunteered to replace him and I want nothing to do with that at this late stage in the game. With only three games left to play a completely new Offence was introduced as we get ready to face the best team in the league.

Its a feel good to be greeted with “thank God you’re here” until you find out that everything is on fire and you have been elected in your absence to fix it. I gave it the old college try and it could be my lack of degree that prevents me from making that work but in the end the changes stay in place.This football season has been something to endure and that is all I have left to say on the subject.

I would just like to sleep for a couple of weeks until everything works itself out but I imagine that it wouldn’t be as peaceful as I think. I am most baffled by the constant complications. Why does everything have to be so hard? Difficult does not equal better and I think my brain defaults to the KISS method. Google it if you don’t know as I am too tired to continue.

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