a weird place

read last night’s post if you haven’t. Its OK, I’ll wait… A little stranger than usual perhaps? The awesome thing is that I don’t really remember writing it… Let me explain.

I was dead ass tired last night but I decided to kill some time on the computer before bed. I took a Tylenol PM to help me on my way but Liza was upstairs watching that horrible show she likes. OK that was generic because it could be one of a thousand programs that our brains don’t agree on due to base wiring differences so I will narrow it down for you. Law and Order SVU. I hate that effing show with a passion and she watches it EVERY NIGHT before she falls asleep.

My biggest problem with the show is that its designed to wind the audience up in the easiest ways possible. battered women, rape, retarded people battered and or raped, abused kids, abused kids abusing battered and or raped retarded kids, you get the picture. I been calling it Law and Order Puppies and Kittens because if this shite stays on the air that’s what they’ll be down to.

Something like a retarded kid is walking in a bad part of town alone and stumbles across a religious sect sacrificing a litter of kittens and then when they spot our cant help but be innocent victim they make her watch while they feed the drowned kittens to a bunch of pit bull puppies. while they rape him or her.  AAAAAKKKKKKK! I don’t need women and children in trouble playing before I try to get some sleep. I think its bad for my soul.

I took the magic pill at 10:30 and was writing twenty minutes later I guess. I got on this morning because I missed a day and it turns out that I didn’t. Weird. That’s all I had. just wanted to comment on my own weird posting.

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