I think I was born in the wrong time. I just want to work as hard as I can during the day and then go home and enjoy my family. We are living in a weird era in our countries history. We produce very little and spend a shitload. I would have operated better in a simpler more black and white time period. I just finished getting my ass chewed by a customer over something that was none of my fault but the company messed up. I was OK with that until he decided to take things to a personal level.

I’m not going to go into detail as this is company related but as I didn’t react to his earlier nonsense he mistook me for weak. I must have conveyed my displeasure with the look on my face because he immediately changed the subject but no apology for the error in judgment. This was nothing that a sock in the nose couldn’t correct but gone are the days when there were potential physical consequences for a persons words.

By the way this guy’s entire problem boiled down to another business that was doing better and that had better stuff which got me thinking down this road. This also brings me back to my original point: people currently measure their lives by what they have and usually in comparison to those around them. What happened to just being happy?

I just read that more people than ever are taking medication for depression and stress than at any other time. I laughed because the medication and diagnoses didn’t exist until recently but it makes sense. I think most people are looking for something unrealistic out of life. I am thinking about this because it is my sole job to release my children to the world as good people. I don’t really care what they accomplish as long as they are great human beings. Part of that is now going to include helping them find elf worth in something other than what they have.

I need to do some more thinking on this because I feel like I’ve grabbed the corner of something important and need to get more of it out. I’m thumb typing this on my iPhone so it might be a little discombobulated but I needed to vent and that’s one of stupidtom’s functions.

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