assball day

This morning began at the football fields setting up for my shift as Field Marshall. I was filling in for our head coach and there was no other reason behind it that he was in a pinch and everyone else was scared. 7:30am on a Saturday setting up three football fields is ass pain. Then weigh in twelve games while walking around keeping a pulse on everything. By the time it was over I was completely spent and then we had our own game to deal with.

I finally decided to take a look at the all new playbook for our nine, ten, and eleven year olds and discovered that there were a mere thirty-seven plays for them to memorize. I have no shot at memorizing a third of that number so I don’t know how they boys are supposed to get it dome. I am frustrated and tired and ready for this season to end. I love the time spent with my son but we are both ready to kill someone. I need to pull up and out of this mood because I am letting pee wee football get to me and that’s just sad.

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