The Uverse wants to fight today

If you live in my area you’ve seen the ads where Comcast makes fun of Uverse by having a talking face made out of “old telephone wires” talk like a Jewish senior citizen. Today I brought my Uverse to its knees by watching the Red Zone, sitting around on my laptop, and having someone else in the house trying to watch HD. They had better figure out how to fix these shortcomings or I will leave them once again. Its a shame too because the service itself is superior in a lot of ways.

Let me geek out for a second and list some. Wait, on second thought who in the hell do I think I am? This is not some techno blog thing where you go for product comparisons and information. I need to know my roll and stick to that loose definition. I am just pissed when the technology that you pay for doesn’t work up to expectations. I called customer service cause I had some time on my hands after blowing all of my leaves over into the park this afternoon and got nowhere. I’m going back to watching football because I just figured out what’s wrong with our fantasy football league and I need to do something about it. If it works I’ll fill you in later.

Oh, and if there is some kind of AT&T customer service bot looking for Uverse things typed on the internet… the things that Comcast rips you on do SUCK. Just fix it.

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