head or gut

I don’t mind taking responsibility when things are my fault and I am not one of those people who can always find a reason to blame someone else. I screw up my share of the time. Taking responsibility for that is a pisser but when I’m called out I will take my shot. Head or gut I will always choose gut. Not only because we are learning so much about brain injury recently but I have spent a lot of time constructing personal body armor in that region. As my stomach is my favorite internal organ I feel a need to protect it. Also as a wise man once told me about his competition level belly “If you cared as much about your tool as I do, you’d build a shed over it too.”

OK, back to the original point. I spent my morning taking lumps for things that are completely out of my control and while this is one of the things for which I am paid it is not supposed to be the only thing. The other problem I have with these ass-chewings is that I have been on the other side and understand the need to let a customer blow off a little steam. The cocks I dealt with this morning crossed the steam line and went right on to burning ants. When I left the last meeting my jaw hurt from clenching for an hour and now I am at home writing my after action plan .

That is the one benefit of the whole home office thing. I meant the ability to take ten minutes and vent a little here in an attempt to reset my own mood for the afternoon. Two computers up and running has me feeling a little weird at the moment but I’ll close the surf board in a minute and get back to real work. Liza and the kids are off of school today but I thought the whole Columbus thing got debunked. They should rename this Screw the Injuns Monday or Casino in the Middle of Nowhere Day.

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