now that that’s done

Back to the posting about nothing and everything and anything… like the fact the neighborhood Buckthorn population took a severe hit last week and I neglected to mention it. In a strange ironic twist the widow next door (who I suspect is a hoarder but that has no relevance to this particular passage) paid a bunch of idiots to clean half of her yard. They took things too far when they attacked the protective tree forest instead of chopping down the Willow of Damocles. Here is a picture of the destruction


You’ll notice how much annoying light now penetrates her once dark forest of a backyard. And the kids pointed out what a spectacular shed she was rocking on the back forty.


I would move my office into that dwelling save the gigantic dead tree poised to crush it at any moment. This next shot shows that they took things a little too far when they attacked the Buckthorn along our fence.


This is a shocking act of vandalism and the only reason I don’t freak out about it is that I’m waiting for her two backyard neighbors to explode from the ugliness. In fact I’m going to start piling garbage behind my shed now that everyone can see back there. Lemons into tension filled unsightly lemonade.

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