testing 123

I was in a customer service mood from Hell yesterday that bled in to last night. I was doing some computer cleanup and bill paying which is always a mood enhancer when I realized that it was almost time to make a decision on stupidtom. Here is normally where I’d go into a boring behind the scenes geek riff about hosting and publishing that almost none of you care about so I wont. It boils down to I was spending a little over three dollars a month to host and take care of this mess myself which I could stand but it was about to go up to $9.00.

Get it out of your system, I’ll wait. OK, I am cheap when it comes to this thing but only because it makes no money and the behind the scenes crap gives me a headache. So I’m going back to the free WordPress.com site that I love so much. That is why everything looks different right now and some of you who read this through alternative means might run in to a few glitches for a day or two. Oops, the customer service thought…

So I contacted the company that hosted stupidtom and explained that this is a poorly crafted hobby at best. It takes up little room on their servers and I doubt the thirty people per day are taxing their bandwidth so couldn’t they just extend the introductory rate for a couple more years? No soap. I was treated to a mini lecture on “introductory rates” and how they are designed to get new customers in the hope that they will stay on at the full rate when the time comes. I held the fury that was rising within and let them know I would be taking my business elsewhere.

apparently the economy turned around when I wasn’t looking because they had no problem loosing my business. Little harm, no foul. By the way this is a test post on the new system just to make sure everything is working smoothly. Have a great day.

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