Now that things are back on a new old track I am refreshed by the fact that I only have to think about the content of this site. Not that I spent a on of time pondering the html of it all but screwing something up that you don’t really know how to fix is not a feel good. Sometimes change seems like a daunting pain in the nether regions but turns out to be a great thing. As I sit here this morning I find myself NOT quickly checking to make sure everything is running. Weird that I feel like something is missing. That should pass quickly giving me more time to just post. But will I use that time to improve anything? That is the real question.

I was going through the phone’s voice recorder to see if anything was interesting and besides the thought about building my own steel reinforced Green Machine to ride around the neighborhood I liked the reintroduction of Ask Stupidtom. Fridays are a tough day to post for me as a rule and if I could get some questions from the audience it would make things much easier. So if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about me or something I’ve written drop me a line. stupidtom at gmail dot com or just leave a comment on this post or any future post. I need to do a better job replying to comments as well and this is a good way to improve that as well.

I’m not going to use any of my extra time today as I am slammed with things but I will leave you with the last of my voice memo notes. Effing Chicken Nuggets! I said this as I walked away from a group of people after one of them told me how they were made. Zoinks! I’ll link to the story HERE and drop a stolen picture below.


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