The email thing is working as I already have an Ask Stupidtom question for tomorrow and there were some questions about the Blogroll removal.Yes I did remove the list of links on your right (If you are reading this in the future and I’ve changed things around or its in a different format tough shit) for a couple of reasons.

  1. I had one because I thought you were supposed to and back when this first started that was how you got people to look at you stuff. Now they have become ridiculous as if the name blogroll wasn’t bad enough people pack them full of a couple hundred of their closest friends. If I want to link to someone or something I’ll do it in the body of a post. Plus, I don’t think my core thirty people click around much as I’ll explain tomorrow.
  2. I never knew what to put over there. I have my web writing friends but I check in on them regularly or subscribe to their sites already so the links didn’t help me. And then there was always the temptation to get butt-hurt if you went to their site and didn’t have a link of your own. Gay! (yes I said Gay and I meant it. I use the word as I have done since childhood to mean utterly fucking ridiculous not subject to debate)

And while on the subject of marketing I need to give props to drunk Pete and Doug for getting someone else to read this crap. A viewer in the comments wrote:

“Saw your url on the license plate frame of a van on the Army Trail Road exit this morning, that’s how I found this place.”

Welcome number 31. I hope you stay a while.

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