AST or something like that

Ask Stupidtom: A curious reader writes “I haven’t been reading you for very long but I really like the funny stuff. I was going back and noticed you talked about not making any money at this and wondered why you don’t try?”

Dear Curious, (always wanted to do that so I did) I have in fact tried over the years with little or no success. Early on I had an anonymous benefactor that donated two years of my then hosting costs and that is the most cash I ever made from writing.

I had a shot a couple of years ago to sell the domain name to a band in England. We negotiated the price at a whopping $103.00 which represented the remainder of my registration plus what i had in on the site itself plus twenty bucks for my ass pain as I had to move all of this crap somewhere else. I also wanted a mention on their first CD and a free copy. We were good to go. I made my first Pay Pal invoice for the amount stipulating the terms… and the band broke up. Easy come easy go.

I have had and tried most of the monetizing schemes out there but they all made me feel slimy. Pay Per Post and other services like it pay people for positive reviews of their stuff and even if I liked it I didn’t feel right typing a fluff piece. The couple posts I did sucked and I think I cleared $20.00 but never got paid. I think I was so ashamed of a couple of them that I deleted them all together breaking one of the core rules of stupidtom. Better that than feeling a strong need to shower after typing.

Google adSense worked the best until evil Google kicked me out as a cheat. I don’t understand how taking more than three years to earn a measly hundred dollars could be considered fraud but I was out and didn’t get paid. In Googleland if they think you’re guilty your out, dead. All I can think is that I had an overzealous fan click some of the ads more than once to help a brother out. But Screw Google anyway because their Google Apps doesn’t support as I think it finds me calling myself stupid offensive. Now this has me all riled up again. Suck IT Google and your noble China free speech bullshit. You are some oppressive assholes your own selves.

Anyway there are a bunch of other advertising type things that just didn’t work and that’s OK. Besides, I’m back on and they don’t allow me to advertise. They do post Evil Google ads after some of my posts but as long as that keeps the service free I’ll have to suffer. I did notice that they let you opt out of that for thirty bucks a year but I feel like that is giving up something else to effing Google.

So there you have it Curious.. it is an answer if nothing else. Sorry about the lack of funny but its the first one and there are bound to be some kinks. MAN I hate Google for stealing my hundred dollars.

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