ow, slightly overserved

Today has been a tough one because we hosted a birthday party for some close friends and this might be a shocker but yours truly over-served himself. As I look for others to blame I point to the fact that no type of food base was ever presented to me during the party prep. I ass out of you and me’d that there would be some kind of eats but didn’t begin grazing until it was too late. Wait, I take that back, I did manage a handful of the worst snack on the planet.

OK it wasn’t really a snack… This party had a wine tasting theme and as I have already established that juice of the grape is my kryptonite I have no need to learn about, taste, or have anything to do with the stuff. SO it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I took a handful of the white cheese naked pretzel nugget looking things and shot them in my mouth. These we some sort of super pallet cleanser meant to be consumed between vintages and never more than one at a time.

Anything resembling flavor was instantly pulled from my mouth along with all saliva and my ability to open and close my gob. I thought I was choking for a second but it might have been my digestive systems version of punching me for being stupid. I rediscovered them later in the evening and passed ‘em around as delicious snack nuggets. George claimed to have had some and popped two in his mouth. The two guys around him immediately spit theirs out because we were outside but George chewed on. Good times.

But I’m paying the price right now. I’ve been cleaning the backyard for the last two hours and shifting gears between sweating and the chills is getting old. I need to attempt a nap to reset everything. Then maybe I can stand the smell of the recycling bins long enough to bring them out front.

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