What gives?

SO let me recap for those unable to follow along at home. I have written this crap in a lot of places over the years and most of the switches come in winter whilst I’m trapped inside and I get a wild hair. (I don’t like to use the up my ass part of that phrase because it makes me uncomfortable. personal preference.) This recent round of switching was customer service related as my hosting deal was coming to an end and the price was about to triple.

That being unacceptable I tried to reason with that provider to no avail. Then I moved stupidtom to a cheaper host that was no help and did horrible things to my already questionable content. And so I find myself back where I’ve been so many times before at WordPress.com. Great service and I love it here but as you give up the headaches of site maintenance you also lose the ability to do some other cool stuff. My main bone lies with the fact that I would have to pay $29.97 a year to keep the Evil Google Empire ads off of my posts after already paying for extra disk space and the ability to have stupidtom.com point here.

Anyway, I think my flaming emails over the last few days are the cause of all the supidtom outages. I might have become carried away with the two hosting providers but the pins have already been pulled on those grenades so I need to move on. As far as I can tell things are back up and running as smooth as crunchy peanut butter just minus a few posts made during the storm. You didn’t miss much. I hope that helps.

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