This week has given me some much needed time to clean house. Not the house that I live in but my computer information dwelling. Part of that exercise was looking for useful things in older versions of stupidtom that I wanted to keep. The following is just a bunch of things that I found in an old folder named stdc art


This was a picture that steve made for me back in the day before you could see a picture in an email. It was called i-go-to-hell-now and when I clicked it this is what I got.


While I’m on Steve stuff he made me into that annoying dancing baby.


But he redeemed himself with this gem.


I can’t remember who sent me that one and I don’t think I ever posted it but I know it was when I was really embracing the HipHop lifestyle.


Can’t remember who on this one either but it made me laugh none the less.


talented friend Jerry did this cartoon of me and I immediately stopped using Just For Men on my eyebrows.


He also did this one. I must have been whining about visitors or something.

This is getting too long but you get the point. If I remember I’ll post more later but tomorrow I have another installment of Ask Stupidtom.

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