The second installment of Ask Stupidtom brings a question from an unidentified reader who asks…

“I’ve always wondered why the name stupidtom? Are you trying to be funny? Not that you aren’t but I wondered what was behind the name.”

Since I don’t really know how to take this question exactly my first urge is to answer in some smartassed way that implies I am mildly retarded and stupidtom is just the name that everyone has called me my entire life. But I will resist the make you feel like shit thing and give a genuine answer to the first part of the question. The second question put me on my heels and gave me a gut reaction of LASH OUT. Anyway, Back to the answer.

Its not a great story but it begins back in the early days of domain names. I was a computer fan-boy subscribing to every computer magazine available and even building a couple of my own machines. Anyway let me tuck my inner geek back into my pants and get on with this. So I knew about domain names and personal web pages were just rearing their ugly heads so I wanted both. Back then you ISP gave you free web space but once you put something on it you would have to send your friends a paragraph to cut and paste into their browser so they could see what you did.

Blah blah blah and already long story truncated I tried about thirty names I thought were funny but big shocker they were all taken. I became obsessed with the rhyme of Tom and Com so that became my focus. The Chinese have some fascination with and they were hogging all of the good names so I kept looking. I actually picked a couple up but stupidtom won out. I did hold on to for a year but I just had baboons ass at that point and hadn’t gone with the completely shaved look.

there it is stupidtom dot com. Get it? It Rhymes… WOW that post sucked but in my defense it is very early in the morning as I have a 7:30am all day sales meeting and its forty minutes away. OK that’s no excuse. Sorry. Maybe going out with the neighborhood guys last night wasn’t the best idea either but bad choices are usually the fun ones.

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