Dick in the grocery

If the title of this post has brought you here from some kind of search looking for penis produce pictures I apologize. Unfortunately I have nothing that will even come close so you might as well move along. And as an added bonus I will resist the urge to buy the domain name Penis Produce Pictures so feel free. Just don’t forget me when you make it big. Also I would suggest that you immediately make a Japanese version of your site because there are so many of them packed so tightly and efficiently together that they are constantly looking for new things to take their minds off of their living conditions. I would also recommend using actual human anatomy as no one finds fruit posed as genitalia either cute or funny.


I stand corrected.

Anyway, I was in one of the local grocery stores this morning to grab some stuff I don’t even use. This means that I was doing something nice for some people I live with but I was cranky and in a rush. The last thing I wanted to talk about was breast cancer and I began to get pissed when the pin pad asked me about donating followed by the clerk with an edge of potential peer pressure in her voice.

clerk: Would you like to make a donation to breast cancer.

me: No way! I think its a horrible disease and I don’t want to support it in ANY WAY!

She had no response and the all-the-time-in-the-world part of me wanted to stop by customer service and complain that I wasn’t thanked for my purchase and called by name but Sundays are Fundays and I wanted to get back home. There are Halloween costumes to be perfected today as well as some pumpkins awaiting mutilation. Max wants to watch some of his friends play basketball and then there is the NFL. I am watching that especially hard in the next couple of weeks so I have good memories before they completely ruin it.

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