droning religious post

I have had religion on the brain for the last week or so partially because I had to spend Friday night and Saturday at a church leadership retreat and my mind being what it is I couldn’t help but craft ways to get out of attending. My son is learning some hard rules right now about committing to something and doing what you said so I didn’t feel like I could pull a church hamstring and still make him do the right thing. Anyway, it turned out to be a great event and we got a lot accomplished but I found myself in more than one personal theological debate.

First, I should never be called upon to voice my views on religion as I have an unreliable filter. If you don’t want my opinion pretend I’m not in the room. That being said I have some very strong views on the whole Hell thing. I will not bore you with those but I upset a few folks explaining about the adaptability of human beings and how if I do in fact end up somewhere not to my liking I relish the challenge of tormenting my tormentors. I love me some wide eyed old people.

Another highlight of the workshop was working the phrase “gay for the stay” into a conversation with a priest and four people I barely knew. Cracked the priest up which was the intent but took some scornful looks that I didn’t really care about. The prison talk came about as people in our community were worried about the protest at our High School. That crazy ass church in Kansas that calls themselves godhatesfags. I wouldn’t have cared because I think that protesters are funny but my eldest was going to the play and I will not have her suffer those fools. They didn’t show up by the way so there was no need for me to even do the drive-by that I did.

By the way no matter your beliefs if those folks are by some infinitesimal percentage correct about how religion works I want nothing to do with being trapped for eternity in their hillbilly heaven. Its not what I’m looking for in my afterlife. And as long as were talking after death existence… he segue-d.

I had another discussion this week with someone I work with about a whole litany of nonsense that organized religion does wrong. I don’t disagree with a lot of this persons points and I was even taught a new thing: Scientific Atheist. I don’t think this is real but that would make me a hypocritical Scientific Atheist Atheist and who needs that stigma? My question when I was done getting my Here’s why your stupid and I’m not lecture was “If this is your only shot at existence then what are you doing to make the best of it?”

I love a blank stare after posing a question almost as much as I enjoy filling that uncomfortable silence with my own bullshit. “Seriously, what is the overall point of your life? If this is truly it then what are you doing working here? Way to shoot for the middle.” I don’t think that we are going to become good friends.

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