everyone knows its Win Dy

I’m not sure what you call this weather but awesome comes to mind. I have no idea why but the power of Ma Nature never ceases to amaze me. This kind of stuff reminds me of college and storm chasing with two of my friends who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. Tornado sirens were going off all over Ames Iowa but the National Weather Service said that the system was on the move and there was a possibility of multiple twisters about twenty miles from us. I wouldn’t have normally known that but my two friends were getting high during the storm and then worked themselves up into a paranoid amateur meteorological state of mind.

Since I was the only one sober enough to drive and they had money for gas plus beer when we were done we all jumped into the Truckster and headed out. (side note to myself: at some point I need to explain the Truckster and beg people for a possible picture) As we sped across the countryside we headed in to weather that most people avoid. I wish it was a better story but we never got close enough to get hurt but we thought we saw a twister in the distance. I might or might not have been messing with the stoned guys.

Anyway, these winds are freaky and as I was leaving this morning I noticed the Tree of Damocles that hangs over my house swaying like a mutha.

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