On the lookout

I’m out in the middle of some kind of biblical storm system waiting for a meeting to start while scanning the horizon for this “Cyclone” the radio keeps telling me about. I just listened to an interview with a dude from Homeland Security and I tried to call in to the show. I immediately wondered if this was the terrorists using some Wizard of Oz attack. Sadly all lines were full every time I called. Probably for the best as no good can come from ending up on some kind of list.

I must have been in a conspiracy theory frame of mind this morning because I thought my Speedway was being robbed. There was a Caucasian stranger at the register and I couldn’t see anyone else working. Morning rush requires at least two cranky Injuns at a bare minimum so this set off my already heightened Spidey Sense. I found myself trying to get a full view of the back room looking for tied up folks on the floor. Just as I was about to confront the would be thief (OK maybe I was just going to take my pop and call the police from the car) My main man Mahesh came out from the cooler and called whitey by name.

Alex needed to clean up the coffee area lright away so I knew that nothing was as it shouldn’t be. Now I NEED to find out the complete story on Alex. He has broken the brown wall that runs most of the Speedway’s in my area and I need to know what’s doing.

No flying monkeys wearing jihad t-shirts in sight so I need to get in to this meeting.

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