I have once again pissed off the job gods. My current company has just announced that it has lost its main line of equipment. The particular brand, by the way, that was the entire reason for me taking this job. Oh, and if that weren’t bad enough, the bank (partially due to what I just told you) is pulling its funding as of the first of the year so they need to find a buyer or close up shop. And the cherry on that awesome sundae is that next week they will be announcing the employees who will be furloughed.

Furlough?  Am I in the Merchant Marines? Maybe this was a cleverly disguised prison stink. Whatever, I’m still in shock but I’ll use the rest of the week to regroup and make a plan.

I have a hard time getting upset about this because I drove an hour last night to attend the wake of a fraternity brother that died after a long battle with cancer. Job Schmob, being buried by your wife and kids at forty-six is something to get upset about. I had completely lost touch with this guy after college but my memories of him demanded the trip down to pay my respects. I was rocked by the pictures of his life and the realization that it was over. [insert cliché about shortness of life and living it to the fullest]

This puts stupidtom in a bit of a haze at the moment but the fog will clear, I will make a plan, and life will go on. My wife would just like a little prolonged stability as we head in to the college years with the kids. My eldest child suggests that I need to work for myself as she overheard our conversation and I told her that was a great idea but I am an asshole to work for. “No you’re not.” I knew then that is was time to abandon all attempts at funny for a while until I reset myself. Hopefully this doesn’t take more than a couple hours.

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