This morning is kicking my ass for some reason and I don’t think it’s the poorly timed Halloween from yesterday. The older girls having decided to not hold the yearly haunted house with a little gently prodding from yours truly so they hung out downstairs and passed out candy. My son is learning some tough lessons about honoring commitments and since my wife was in on the trick or treat posse planning that one was on her. I was thinking that they were old enough to venture out as a group but this is her baby and she is having a tough time letting go. Anyway my brain is all over the road today and I am experiencing focal difficulties.

With little to do I did just that. I think the feeling of kickedness comes from this whole work upheaval. I am struggling against hitting the panic button and going on a full fledged job search. A small part of me wants to whine about luck and woe is me but that part is a complete pussy and the rest of me just roughs it up a bit, gives it a swirly, and crams it back into the locker where it belongs. Can I get in trouble for bullying a part of my own psyche? Anyway, I have things pretty good and need to do a little more blessing counting and a lot less why me-ing.

Next thing I know I’ll wake up on my back in a shrinks office and once that realization hit me watch out. I don’t think they train you in psychiatry school for a man-bear acting like he just got an Africanized Bee Enema. I just made myself laugh with the visual of my breathing increasing on the shrink couch and the smarter than me doctor pushing a button and a dude in full bush hunting regalia steps out from behind a door with his tranquilizer rifle at the ready. Nothing says successful session like a sleepy dart to the haunches.

I need to get back to this confusing ass day and attempt to make some sense of it all. This is going to be a long one I fear. Quick side sentence: I yelped when I looked at my phone this morning because the picture of me as clown was on the screen from yesterday. Maybe that’s what has me all jumbled up?

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